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SupportLogic E-Learning Academy

Modified on Tue, 27 Feb 2024 at 11:52 AM

The E-Learning Academy Courses offer a complete digital experience alongside our instructor-led sessions.

We also offer concise Microlearnings tailored to specific learning topics.

Session Details:

1. SupportLogic Core for Administrators:
This session is dedicated to administrators and covers essential administrative functions for managing a SupportLogic instance. This session includes defining administrative functions, configuring data integration between SupportLogic and Customer Record Management (CRM) systems, setting up Target Case Metrics (SLO Metrics), customizing the user interface for different user types, managing user permissions and access, running user engagement reports.

2. SupportLogic Pre-configuration for End Users:
This session focuses on the pre-configuration aspects of SupportLogic and targets end users. This session covers configuring virtual teams, setting up global filters, configuring backlog lists, settings up My Agents, identifying additional use cases, and equipping end users with the necessary skills to navigate and utilize SupportLogic efficiently.

3. SupportLogic Core for Support Managers & End Users:
This session is designed explicitly for Support Managers, including Escalation Managers, Swarm Leads, and Train the Trainer roles. This session will help organizations empower administrators, end users, and support managers with the knowledge and skills to maximize the benefits of SupportLogic. With efficient configuration, streamlined processes, and enhanced user proficiency, organizations can optimize support operations, improve customer satisfaction, and drive overall business success.

4. SupportLogic Analytics for Support Management:

This course has been designed to focus on the three pillars within our KPI Metrics. 

  • Response Time - Shows a breakdown of cases that have met or missed the Response Time target. (Track case progress SLA based on First Response time, Follow-up time, and Ticket Resolution time)
  • Efficiency - Shows how your agents are performing based on different factors such as case conversation, responder, and case owner counts. (Track Escalations, Backlog, Ticket Activity) 
  • Customer Experience - Know how your customers feel with a view into your team’s CSAT, NPS, and Sentiment Scores.
  • All subsequent pages are drill-downs and deep dives from these three pillars, including Operational Metrics & Experiential Metrics. We also dive into Text and Trend Analytics.

Target Audience: This course is intended for those interested in exploring insights gleaned from machine learning sentiment detection combined with standard case metrics, metadata, and more. 

(Executives, Customer Success Managers, Customer Advocates, Support Managers, 
Support Operations)

Prerequisites: None. However, we recommend reviewing either SupportLogic Core for Support Managers and End Users or SupportLogic Core Concepts before diving into analytics.


  • Alerts
  • Configuring Service-Level Objectives
  • Console Workflow/Proactive Support
  • Escalation Management Workflow
  • Getting Started in SupportLogic (four easy tasks)
  • Managing Backlog
  • Operational and KPI Metrics

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