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Release Notes - April 2023

Modified on Mon, 10 Apr, 2023 at 1:50 PM

Features in these Releases:  Spring Cleaning across products  |  Escalation Review Updates |  Case Assignment updates  |  Signal Detection Improvements. |. Agent SX feature  |  Support Whisperer Cafe

April 2023

April means Spring, time to leap forward and make some changes. That’s the theme at SupportLogic as well. We've been busy reviewing and updating our features, fixing bugs, and streamlining our platform to ensure it's running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Here’s all the goodness launching this month.

Interested in learning more or have feedback, please write to us at or join us in What's new at SupportLogic and speak to our product experts!

The SupportLogic Team

Spring cleaning across the product

A host of small, meaningful changes to improve the everyday use of SupportLogic are here. Taking a critical eye throughout the product, these logical changes were made to improve the overall user experience.

  • Rearranged the order of tabs on the Console page in descending order of importance - Escalations, Need attention, Negative Sentiments, Positive Sentiments, Product feedback, New Cases.

Console - Cards

  • Removed the Was Likely to Escalate section from the Escalations tab across Console, Agent Insights, and Customer Insights page - this will help focus the attention on cases that are still at risk of escalating or have escalated, and not worry about cases that were predicted to escalate earlier.

  • Expanded the Product Feedback tab to include Feature Request signals across all pages since they belong together logically. Consequently, there won’t be a separate Feature Request tile.

  • Expanded the Need Attention tab to include Case Closure Request signals as well.

  • Rearranged the tabs on the Keywords and Trends page - Overview, Escalations, Need attention, Negative Sentiments, Positive Sentiments, Product feedback, and New Cases.

Trends page - Cards
  • Rearranged the tabs on the Agent Insights page - Open Cases, Closed cases, Escalations, Need attention, Negative Sentiments, Positive Sentiments, Product feedback, and Engineering issues.

  • Rearranged the tabs on the Customer Insights page - Overview, Escalations, Need attention, Negative Sentiments, Positive Sentiments, Product Feedback, and Engineering Issues.

  • Removed the Service Compliance card from the Console page - companies track SLA differently, the Service Compliance card doesn’t support all variants. So, it’s been disabled to simplify the behavior.

Escalation Review Updates

The new Escalation Review workflow was announced last month, and based on early feedback from customers, the following changes have been made to improve the overall experience.

  • Renamed the ‘I took care of this’ to ‘Acknowledge prediction’ across the product, including the review panel, case timeline and the completed actions column on the Escalations page.

  • Along the same lines, the action on the Sentiment cards has been renamed to ‘Acknowledge sentiment' from ‘Mark as Acknowledged’

  • Under the User Engagement page, we have a new card called Escalation Review that shows the combined view of Escalation actions taken in our product and the actions taken on the Escalation Emails.

Case Assignment updates

  • It’s now possible to view the assignment activity on the case timeline, including the agent recommendation ML results at the time of assignment.

  • When viewing the Assignment report under User engagement, more info such as the case assigned, time of assignment, etc is now easily obtainable.

Signal Detection Improvements

To simplify the signal labeling experience, we grouped the commonly detected and used sentiments under familiar buckets, and moved non-standard signals under a new Custom bucket.
This Custom bucket will contain signals that are unique to each customer environment as well as other infrequent signals.

Agent SX feature

The new Agent SX product continues to get better; with this release, we have:

  • Added support for list filters and Sorting to allow creating custom list views

  • Integrated seamless copy/paste of Loom screen recording links

  • Improved overall application performance

To learn more, try Agent SX today.

Announcing the Support Whisperer Cafe

Introducing a new addition to the SupportLogic help center, the Support Whisperer Cafe. This is a community forum aimed to bring together all support professionals and have them share and learn from one another. To get things started, click here and introduce yourself to all the Support Experience Leaders. You can also interact with our team, including our product managers and members of our customer success teams.

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