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Release Notes - May 2023

Modified on Fri, 2 Jun, 2023 at 12:07 PM

Features in these Releases:  New Nav Menu Changes |  Gainsight Integration  |  Elevate SX Updates  | Agent SX Updates  |  Infra and ML Updates  

May 2023

Dear Jedis and Padawans!! 

As May the 4th approaches, we're excited to share some exciting updates that will help you wield the Force of our product with even greater skill. 

We've embarked on an exciting journey to revamp our main navigation menu and make it more intuitive and user-friendly, so you can easily navigate the galaxy of features. 

We've also forged an alliance with Gainsight by augmenting their product with our powerful insights and bringing new hope to your Gainsight workflows. 

And behind the scenes, we've made significant performance and scaling improvements to our product that will impress even the most cunning Sith Lords. 

Read on, and may the Force be with you as you discover all our exciting changes!


Product Team @ SupportLogic

SupportLogic Product Updates

New Navigation Menu 

What's New with the SupportLogic Navigation Menu (For existing Customers)
SupportLogic Navigation Menu (For New Customers)

The main menu is getting revamped, and many key features will soon be directly accessible. As the change spans the entire product, the entire list of changes are detailed below.
This will roll out in the next few days.

Navigation Menu Changes

Please read carefully as our menu options have changed. :) 

WORKSPACE: Workspace now contains these pages, moved from other sections to My Dashboard and My Alerts.

  • My Console - the nerve center of your support operations, where a snapshot of all recent activity across all cases is available.

  • My Agents - Keep track of all your favorite agents and teams, monitor their performance and view detailed insights for all favorited agents/teams on a single pane. This was nested under the Agent Insights page earlier.

  • My Customers - Review all your favorite customers, and see specific insights for all favorited customers on one page. This was called Customer Favorites earlier, nested under Customers space.

OPERATIONS: Removed this section and moved the pages to their own sections below.

ESCALATION MANAGEMENT: The following page was added to the main menu.

  • Escalation Board - Monitor every case likely to escalate and manage every escalation request from a single dashboard. Where you can view: Cases Reviewed, Likely to Escalate, Escalation Requests, Active Escalations, and Cases Resolved and where you complete your Escalation Reviews.
  • Escalations Report - View all escalated or predicted cases grouped by customers. Filter the list by additional attributes like the first predicted time, case age, and more. You can also add additional fields and export the list for external analysis.

CASE ASSIGNMENT: Added the following pages to the main menu.

  • Shift Management - Create shifts and manage agent availability.

  • Assignment Queues - Create virtual queues directly in SupportLogic and configure assignment rules for each queue. Choose which queues should contain which groups of agents and whether cases should be automatically assigned or manually assigned from this page.

QUALITY MONITORING: Added a shortcut to this page.

  • QA Scorecards - Use our detailed evaluation rubrics, or build your own custom rubric to review and evaluate cases.

AGENTS section renamed to AGENT MANAGEMENT

  • Agent Favorites - Moved to WORKSPACE and renamed as My Agents


  • Top Customers - previously known as Customer Board

  • Customer Favorites - Moved to WORKSPACE and renamed as My Customers

GAINSIGHT + SupportLogic = Actionable customer insights

The SupportLogic integration for Gainsight will launch on their marketplace next week. With this integration, your customer success managers can:

  • Actively monitor top customer issues

  • Pinpoint and reduce product friction

  • Act on customer churn predictions

  • Stop firefighting customer escalations

  • Understand and act on negative sentiment

Whenever SupportLogic detects a notable event, it is automatically pushed to Gainsight and the customer account where this signal was detected. Learn more and request a demo.

ElevateSX Updates

It’s been an action-packed last two months, and as promised, we’re here with some exciting news to share.

  • Auditable Roles & Users:Tired of tools that treat all responders within a ticket equally? We’ve got you covered! Within ESX, you can now choose which Roles are auditable and which are not. By doing this, you dictate which users within a ticket are to be audited:

  • Ability to toggle Audit status from within Settings

  • Different UI for auditable and non-auditable users

  • Names displayed against a ticket (owners) are only from these auditable roles

  • No more unwanted QA scores etc. for Admins, bots, etc.

Select Responders to Review

This is the one you’ve all been waiting for!

When starting a Review (or an Assignment), you now have the ability to pick which auditable. responders you’d like to review (as specified with the feature above).

  • Different scores for different Agents (without having to score each comment individually)

  • Agent Level assignments wherein the QA has to pick an Agent to review before starting

  • Smart colors within the UI while auditing to identify comments of note within a ticket quickly

Never has scoring your Agents been this easy!

Coming Soon

Stay tuned because we’ve got a lot planned for Q2 2023, if you can’t tell already!

  • Robust reporting module

  • Assignment improvements - advanced filters & creation logic

  • Dashboard improvements - new filters & time periods

  • Audit & Disputes - Ability to make comments mandatory; and much more!

AgentSX Updates

  • AI-Powered Case Ranking: Agents can now create personalized views to manage case backlog, sorted by Sentiment/Attention scores

  • Chatter integrated directly into AgentSX: 

    • We heard the feedback, Chatter is now integrated directly in Agent SX’s SupportHub. Tagging colleagues, asking a quick question or simply opening up a chatter is just one click away

Quality improvements:

  • Search cases directly from the home page based on title, description, company name, and more

  • Loom links can now be auto-saved as a case note draft

  • Rich text editor for emails and chatter posts

  • Filtering of statuses, case fields, and other custom objects available on request

Infra and ML Updates

  • Performance improvements site-wide:

    • Escalations page loads in less than 15 seconds and fewer to no 504 timeouts.

    • Slack users/channels load in less than 30 seconds, even for large (>100k channels) workspaces.

    • Page filtering requests were reduced to under 2 seconds from 15 seconds earlier.

    • Text Analysis (formerly Keywords and Trends) page loads in under 2 seconds, from 10-15 seconds earlier.

  • Likely-to-Escalate (LTE) prediction: A new system for determining the correct number of LTE predictions to make at any one time is being rolled out, resulting in fewer predictions for customers who experienced too many and more for customers who experienced too few cases in their LTE queues.

  • Support Health Score improvements: Improvements have been made to Support Health Score, resulting in greater variability in scores in almost all customer instances, with up to 5x more variability in Support Health Score between healthy and unhealthy accounts, making it easier to identify accounts that need action or intervention. To learn more about Support Health Score, click here.

  • Agent Recommendation: Agent Skill predictions have been improved to more accurately reflect agents' experience with a specific Skill, resulting in more accurate Agent Recommendations overall.

  • Signal detection: The Thankful signal has been removed.

Noteworthy Bug Fixes

  • An issue in which agent case counts on the Backlog card of Agent Recommendations were incorrect has been fixed.

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