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Release Notes - September 2023

Modified on Mon, 11 Sep 2023 at 08:00 AM


September is here, and just like students diving into a full-year syllabus, we're rolling out a packed release with a full range of new features that'll appeal to a lot.

Major new features

  • Escalation trend line and bar charts to determine value and ROI

  • Shareable links from Customer sections

  • Agent recommendation panel redesign

  • AgentSX - Sentiment detection from Call transcripts and Translated comments

  • AgentSX - Call recordings in Case Summarization


  • Case Resolution Time customization

  • Assignment events shown on the timeline and highlights

  • Agent OOO scheduling improvements


The SupportLogic Team

New Features

  • Escalations charts to calculate Value and ROI: These have been long awaited, and we are glad to start rolling them out. These charts, with the enhanced filtering options we are bringing to each tab inside analytics, as well as the engagement metrics available in the product, will help you calculate the value and ROI of teams actively using SupportLogic compared to others. We will be adding more charts and enhancing the functionality in upcoming releases, so stay tuned for more.

    • Escalation Requests trend line charts - You will now be able to visualize Trend line charts for Escalation Requests. This will also support showing the percentage of cases that end up with an escalation request and the ability to view over more extended periods and monthly quarterly rollups.

      Escalation Requests Trend line Chart

  • Top 10 Agents by Escalation Requests and Active Escalation - These two charts launching shortly, Top 10 Agents by Escalation Requests and Active Escalation, will help identify the agents that need more assistance, given the high number of active escalations or escalation requests they are handling.
                                                                 Top 10 Agents charts

  • Shareable URLs for Customer pages

    • The many helpful lists and dashboards that are available under the Customer Management module - My Favorite Customers, Top Customers, Customer Insights; can all be shared with your teammates now, directly from SupportLogic. Sharing is supported via Email, Slack, and MS-teams, and the recipient gets a read-only page accessible to them immediately.

                                                                     Shareable URLs

  • Case Assignment Recommendations panel redesign

    • An updated Agent Recommendation UI allows you to more easily find the right person for each case by making it easier to see and compare relevant information across agents including:

      • How All scores contribute to the recommendation, making it easier to compare scores across agents

      • When each Agent was most recently assigned a case

      • What are each Agent’s matching Skills for this case

      • What are the five factors that contribute to the Agent’s recommendations

                                              ICA - Agent Recommendations

      • Whether each agent is currently in their Assignment Hours

      • Whether each agent’s Score has been reduced due to a recent assignment on another case

      • Whether each agent’s Score has been boosted by having worked on this case before

      • What are each agent’s Out of Office statuses

                                                                       ICA - Agent - OOO indicator

  • Filtering Agent Recommendations based on Virtual Queues, Assignment Hours and Working Hours are all available now in the Case Assignment UI

                                                               ICA - Virtual Queue Filtering

  • AgentSX - Sentiment detection from Call transcripts and Translated comments

    • We are proud to share that we now support extracting customer sentiments from call recordings and translated case comments. This enhances the functionality of AgentSX and we are moving closer towards omni-channel support.

                                     AgentSX - Call Transcript - Sentiment detection

                              AgentSX - Translated comment - Sentiment detection

  • AgentSX - Case summarization now including call recordings, too!!

    • We are expanding our GenAI offering to include voice transcriptions as well when summarizing a case. The summary will include relevant notes and insights from each speaker as well as next steps/commitments made during the call.the 

                                AgentSX - Case Summary - including Call Transcriptions 


  • Case Resolution Time customization in Metrics and Alerts

    • It’s now possible to customize the Case Resolution time by specifying which statuses should be considered for computing the Case Resolution Time. Our team can help map which statuses should belong to the Resolved category. And once the mapping is done, you can toggle between using the Closed Date or the Resolved Date via the canSettings → SLO Metrics page. This can help exclude cases that are resolved but not closed yet since they are waiting on customer validation or approval etc. These settings will apply to all Charts as well as Alerts.

                                                            Resolved Status for SLO

  • Case Assignment History shown in Timeline and Highlights

    • Ever wondered when the case was assigned to an agent. Now that information is also available, shown both on the case timeline as well as the highlights tab. We will also show the scores for the agent at the time of recommendation.

                                      Case Assignment event on Timeline and Highlights

  • Scheduling Out of Office events for Agents 

    • Setting agents' OOO has been dramatically simplified. There is now no need to select between different types of Away and Out of Office events, and the reason field has been removed as well.

                                                                  ICA - Agents OOO Setting

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