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Billing and Usage Reports

Modified on Wed, 05 Jul 2023 at 06:31 PM


Assess how your organization is leveraging SupportLogic if you are on the usage based pricing model and review the pages that may provide insights in your organization spend of SupportLogic usage credits.


The Billing and Usage Overview page is comprised of 4 main sections where you can review the main sections of credit consumption, track your organization's spend of them.


The overview tab provides a summary of your account status and current credit consumption for this billing period. It is comprised of the Prepaid Credits Utilization, Current Plan, Current Invoice Total and Current Invoice Detail. Learn about each of these sections below.

Prepaid Credits Utilization

Provides a quick summary of both the consumption and remaining credit balance of credits available for your organization, according to your contract. 

Prepaid Credits Utilization

View Details displays the purchase of Credits Amount, Charge Amount, Start and Expiration Dates of your overall purchase.

Current Plan

This provides a high-level summary of the credit consumption rates based on your organizations with SupportLogic for each of the product items detailed in the table below.

Current Plan

Product Item / FeatureDescriptionExample
Text Blocks Processed

Text blocks from case or ticket data processed by the SupportLogic Machine Learning engine.
text blocks processed
Collaborations - Case Edits, Notes and Replies

User interactions within cases to communicate, collaborate or modify case fields within SupportLogic.Case notes
Collaborations - Case Shares, Annotations, Annotation Replies

User interactions sharing links to a case, annotating text within a case identifying specific sentiments and/or any interactions regarding case annotations.Case Shares
Collaborations - Case Review Coaching

Specific to user interactions regarding coaching and or Quality Monitoring feedback between managers and agents.Case Review
Case Assignments

Both manual and intelligent case assignments made within SupportLogic.Case Assignment
Case ReviewsNumber of cases reviewed for Quality Monitoring of agent performance.Case Review
Case escalations reviewedCases predicted to escalate within the SupportLogic that go through the escalation review workflow.Escalation Review
Event Triggers - Alerts SentAnytime a configured alert is triggered and results in a notification being sent to a user.Alert Event
Event Triggers - Write back of SupportLogic fieldsRefers only to write back of Sentiment and Attention Score back to your CRM.Write backs

Current Invoice Total (in Billing Period)

Provides a summary of your total spend of credits for the given time period designated within your contract with SupportLogic. The details in this section may change based on your organization's contract with SupportLogic which may include different Invoice Periods and Pricing Plans.

Current Invoice Details

At present, this view is in development and does not represent the actual dollar of your organizations spend. To view the actual dollar amount of your organization's spend, please click on the View Details in the Prepaid Credit Utilization widget.  Please ignore this section until further notice.

To Learn More...

Check out our articles on the Usage and Cost tabs of Billing & Usage.

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