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Support Hub 3.0

Modified on Mon, 05 Dec 2022 at 09:05 AM


Provides a description of the layout and features of Support Hub, also known as Case View. Additional information on new features in the 3.0 version are available in the Release Notes Page.


Support Hub provides a persistent and comprehensive view of a case, bringing in account details, logistical information, case history, agents involved, and more, highlighting sentiments and provides you the ability to take immediate action:

  • communicate with the customer, agent, collaborators
  • provide feedback on sentiments detected to help refine the NLP
  • coach agents, mark the case for review, and encourage swarming behavior
  • determine customer health, individual reporter sentiment, agent responsiveness, case logistics, action history
  • assign or re-assign the case, leveraging on your own or using the auto assignment, coaching opportunities, swarming behavior
  • respond to escalation predictions
  • share this case anyone in your organization

Accessing Support Hub

Also referred to as the "case view", Support Hub can be accessed from almost anywhere in SupportLogic by clicking on a case tile, summary or icon.

Customer Score, Sentiment and Attention Score 

To quickly identify the urgency / amount of attention you need to provide, the Sentiment and Attention scores appear at the top of each case view. 

Hovering over either of them opens a detailed explanation for each of them and identifies where this particular falls along Sentiment and Attention Score Spectrums (see video tutorials on both by clicking here).

You can quickly review the Sentiment Score of the last 10 cases for the current customer and add a note on the account that is available to anyone working on thi

Sentiment Feedback and Escalation Prevention

Also within SupportHub, you can acknowledge any of the sentiments detected by the SupportLogic Machine Learning Algorithm and escalation prediction engine to better improve the accuracy of each.  

Adding a Customer Note

See adding a Customer Note, reviewing the Sentiment Score of the last 10 cases for this customer and summary descriptions of both Sentiment and Attention Score.  

There are explanation videos on how both the Sentiment Score and Attention Score are calculated. See the SupportLogic Customer Education Video Channel to review them.

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