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Release Notes

 Release Notes - September 2023

What's new in this release:

Major new features

  • Escalation trend line and bar charts to determine value and ROI

  • Shareable links from Customer sections

  • Agent recommendation panel redesign

  • AgentSX - Sentiment detection from Call transcripts and Translated comments

  • AgentSX - Call recordings in Case Summarization


  • Case Resolution Time customization

  • Assignment events shown on the timeline and highlights

  • Agent OOO scheduling improvements

 Release Notes - August 2023

What's new in this release

Major new features

  • Intelligent case prioritization for all agents
  • Case Summarization powered by GenAI in Agent SX
  • Composite QA Scores in Elevate SX


  • Alerts to Case Owners in MS Teams
  • Exporting completed evaluations
  • Viewing and exporting Engineering issues
  • Case fields are displayed alphabetically
  • Improved search insights in ElevateSX

 Release Notes - July 2023

What's new in this release

Major new features
  • Generative AI-powered Response Assist
  • Generative AI-powered Translation Assist
  • Collaboration and escalation review actions on SupportHub
  • Improved coaching & feedback loop for evaluations and disputes

  • New Escalations card on the Console page
  • Clarity on how we predict cases as likely to escalate
  • Improvements to the Auto QA Review dashboard
  • Improved visibility in agent insights for Escalation Review

Release Notes - June 2023

What's new in this release
  • Integration with Gainsight
  • JIRA Integration
  • Auditable roles and disputes
  • Assignment management
  • Assignment information
    Custom Labels
    Rich text editor

 Release Notes - May 2023

What's new in this release
  • New Nav Menu changes
  • Gainsight integration
  • Elevate SX updates:
    • Auditable Roles & Users
    • Selecting Responders to review
    • Different scores for different agents
  • Agent SX updates:
    • AI-powered case ranking
    • Chatter integration
  • Infra and ML updates

Release Notes - April 2023

What's new in this release?
  • Spring Cleaning across products
  • Escalation Review Updates
  • Case Assignment updates
  • Signal Detection Improvements
  • Agent SX feature
  • Support Whisperer Cafe

Release Notes - March 2023

What's new in this release?
  • Escalations Reviews
  • Help Center
  • Virtual Queues
  • Introducing Elevate SX
  • Introducing Agent SX
  • Defaulting to the latest SupportHub
  • Saleforce connector app now supports Permissions Sets

Release Notes - February 2023

What's new in this release?
  • Escalations alerts are now actionable 
  • 100% Auto-QA for Chat, E-mail, and Voice
  • Live on Salesforce AppExchange
  • Leverage unused Google Cloud credits
  • Significant improvements to signal detection engine 

Release Notes - 5.4.8 - 5.5.0 - December 2022  

What's new in this release?
  • Filtering Acknowledged sentiments on Console
  • Smart filtering of Signals
  • Huge improvements to sentiment signal detection
  • ML improvements for Intelligent Case Assignment
  • New permissions for Virtual Teams and Virtual Accounts
  • Bringing order to custom fields
  • Managing Users now sorted out

Release Notes - 5.4.7 - November 2022  

What's new in this release?

Release Notes - 5.4.3 - September 2022

What's new in this release?
  • Perform reviews and provide feedback all on a single page
  • View a refreshed case recommendation board
  • Gather stats on completed reviews

Release Notes - 5.4 - August 2022

What's new in this release?

We’ve been hard at work designing and crafting the ideal experience for creating and managing agent shifts. With this new capability, you can create assignments and working hours shifts and assign teams of agents to shifts. Additional capabilities include highlighting staff coverages, identifying gaps in shifts, customizing shifts to include breaks, and more.

See older Release Notes here.

Release Notes by Product 

Agent SX Production Release Notes

AgentSX Updates - May 2023

  • AI-Powered Case Ranking: Agents can now create personalized views to manage case backlog, sorted by Sentiment/Attention scores

  • Chatter integrated directly into AgentSX: 

    • We heard the feedback, Chatter is now integrated directly into Agent SX’s SupportHub. Tagging colleagues, asking a quick question, or simply opening up a chatter is just one click away

Introducing Agent SX - March 2023

Agent SX is our other new product focused on supercharging agent productivity. Here are some recent additions to Agent SX:

Automated Agent Workflows: Increase your agent's effectiveness with AI-assisted backlog management, smart reminders, and integrated productivity tools that power up your Salesforce Service Cloud experience.

Grammarly and Loom integrations: Help agents get better at helping customers, thanks to the built-in integrations with Grammarly, Loom, and Voice transcription.

Backlog customizations: Ability to sort backlog and unassigned cases by case fields, edit custom numeric fields, and more.

To learn more, try Agent SX today.

Elevate SX Updates

It’s been an action-packed last two months, and as promised, we’re here with some exciting news to share.

Auditable Roles & Users:

Tired of tools that treat all responders within a ticket equally? We’ve got you covered!

Within ESX, you can now choose which Roles are auditable and which are not. By doing this, you dictate which users within a ticket are to be audited:

  • Ability to toggle Audit status from within Settings

  • Different UI for auditable and non-auditable users

  • Names displayed against a ticket (owners) are only from these auditable roles

  • No more unwanted QA scores etc., for Admins, bots, etc.

Select Responders to Review

This is the one you’ve all been waiting for!

When starting a Review (or an Assignment), you now have the ability to pick which is auditable. Responders you’d like to review (as specified with the feature above).

  • Different scores for different Agents (without having to score each comment individually)

  • Agent Level assignments wherein the QA has to pick an Agent to review before starting

  • Smart colors within the UI while auditing to identify comments of note within a ticket quickly

    Never has scoring your Agents been this easy!

Agent Coaching and Evaluation - ACE

Single Page Review: Quickly review, score, and provide feedback on a case - Release Notes - 5.4.3 - September 2022

The new review workflow puts the rubric right next to the case comments, allowing for quick and easy case scoring. Quickly highlight sections of text and tie them directly to a review category making providing agent coaching quick and easy.

Recommendation Board: Updated case review dashboard - Release Notes - 5.4.3 - September 2022

Improved workflow to help quickly move cases through the review process. See at a glance our color scheme, which cases need attention, and browse recently reviewed.

Agent Coaching: Completed Reviews - Release Notes - 5.4.3 - September 2022

Quickly see who on the team has completed reviews, who needs to be done, and the scores for your agents. Enabling a quick overview of the review for the team.

 Escalations - Predict and Prevent

Escalation Reviews - the New Workflow

Announcing a brand new workflow, Escalation Reviews. When you see a case predicted, you can launch an instant review and see exactly why we are predicting the case is likely to escalate. 

To make it intuitive, the review panel will show the key insights for the prediction and all the recommended actions you can take to prevent the case from escalating. All actions will be logged and displayed on the timeline for future audits.

Once you take all the necessary actions, you can complete the review and remove the case from the list, it’s that easy.

There’s much more to this flow than what these images can convey, so we have a video walkthrough to explain this in more detail.

Escalation alerts are now actionable - Release Notes - February 2023

When you receive an escalation alert, you can now acknowledge it directly from the email. All acknowledgments are tracked, and you can view a report in the user engagement dashboards. This is rolling out for email alerts first, with Slack and follow soon.

Escalations grouped by customer - Release Notes - 4.13 December 2021

See all escalations related to a customer
The Escalations list that shows you all the escalations grouped by customer, has been updated to better align with how you told us you are using this view.
Cases in any escalation-related state (Likely to Escalate, Escalation Requested, Escalated, Previously Predicted) are all listed in a single table, making it easy to identify all cases from an account that need your attention. Add additional case attributes, re-arrange the columns and sort by any column in the table.

All Escalation states now on Console page - Release Notes - 4.13 December 2021

Click on the Escalations tile in Console to view all four escalation-related states of a case.  This helps you monitor recent cases that are Likely-to-Escalate, have Escalation Requests, Active Escalations and cases that were previously predicted as potential escalations from one convenient location.

Escalations Workflow Redesign - Release Notes - 4.12 October 2021
The escalations workflow has been significantly enhanced to align with the way many of you are already using the product. The most important change is that with this release, when you take action on a case that has been predicted to escalate, it will be removed from that queue. So as a manager that is tracking escalations, your goal is to regularly go through that queue and take the appropriate next step. You can take action on the case either from the Console page, the Escalations page OR the Case Details page (more on that below) – all of which will result in the case being cleared from the “Likely to Escalate” queue on the Escalations page. Here are the actions you can take:
  • Respond to the case owner, forward the case to an SME, change its priority or reassign the case – just let us know that you “Took care of it” so that we safely remove it from your list of cases predicted to escalate
  • Snooze the case for a while to see how it progresses before you decide to take action
  • Disagree with our platform’s prediction and give feedback to help improve our predictions
In each of the above scenarios, the case is moved from the main predictions queue to one of the completed queues in the bottom left of the Escalations page, where you can undo the action if you need to.
Each case card has been updated to give you the key information that you need to review a case. We only show you the top factors contributing to an escalation prediction rather than all of them, and we have also provided you with some details on what each factor means. Finally, the case queues have been consolidated – the Recent Escalations and Active Escalations have been merged, and the page no longer shows Resolved cases.

Case Assignment - ICA

Customers with access to the Intelligent Case Assignment module can now create Shifts directly in SupportLogic. Interested in this module? Contact for more information.

Case Assignment updates
  • It’s now possible to view the assignment activity on the case timeline, including the agent recommendation ML results at the time of assignment.

  • When viewing the Assignment report under User engagement, more info such as the case assigned, time of assignment etc is now easily obtainable.

Assignment Report

ML improvements for Intelligent Case Assignment - Release Notes - 5.4.8-5.5.0  - December 2022

Our Intelligent Case Assignment product just got some significant updates to its various machine learning models, resulting in more accurate relevant agent recommendations. The following models were updated in this release:

Agent-Customer History (Customer Experience)

We updated the Agent-Customer History model used to steer cases to engineers with a ‘good’ history with the customer for a case. This model was rewritten from the ground up for improved relevance.

Agent Availability (Backlog) 

* Improved ability to customize the model to a customer’s data and/or desired future behavior, in general

* Removal of underlying factors that made scores less interpretable

* Greater degree of model customization specific to how case Priority is considered by the Availability algorithm

* Greater degree of model customization specific to how case Status is considered by the Availability algorithm

Establish consistent Assignment and Working Hours for teams - Release Notes - 5.4 - August 2022

Create a standardized, recurring shift model that can be used by all your teams. Customize each Shift with specific Assignment Hours (when Cases can be assigned to Agents) and Working Hours (when Agents are usually working).

Customize each Shift to specific schedules - Release Notes - 5.4 - August 2022

Shifts can be customized to suit your organization’s unique needs. This includes the ability to choose non-standard assignment hours or provide gaps in a day and specifying the recurrence of each shift.

Assign from Agent Insights - Release Notes - 5.4 - August 2022

You can also assign agents to shifts directly from their agent insights page. This allows for greater flexibility and ease of use by letting you pick from any Shift created already or allowing you to create a new shift and assign that agent directly.

At-a-glance insights to help manage coverage - Release Notes - 5.4 - August 2022

Use the handy calendar view and the helpful cues provided to quickly identify gaps in assignment hours and create shifts instantly to address them. You will also appreciate the thoughtful staffing coverage indicator for every shift, making it easy to manage agents’ schedules and make changes accordingly.

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