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Billing and Usage - Cost

Modified on Wed, 05 Jul 2023 at 05:51 PM


Review and chart your organization's spend on all SupportLogic features or chart out credit consumption of specific feature usage.


Starting with a seven day view historical view of credit consumption on all costs, leverage the date filter and/or the Product Item filter to review credit consumption for specific SupportLogic product features and graph the results instantly.

Total Costs versus By Product Item

Access the Total Costs report by navigating in SupportLogic to the Control Center > Settings > Billing & Usage page, then selecting the Cost tab. The following default chart will appear:Cost tab, stacked 7 day credit consumption chart

The default view in the Cost tab provides a high level, stacked bar chart of the various billable activities in SupportLogic and your organization's spend over the last week.  There are three primary dimensions you can modify for the default chart:

  • Time Period = drop-down list that defaults to Daily, but can be set to Weekly or Monthly periods as well.
  • Date Range = button list that defaults to 7D[ays] with options for 30D, 60D, 90D or a Custom date range.
  • Product = drop-down list that defaults to Total costs with options to review Costs by product item or Billed usage by product item. 

Both Costs by product item and Billed usage by product item options enable a secondary dimension breakdown to select any of the credit consuming product items.

Cost by product item

As seen in the example below, switching to the Costs by product item enables you to drill down to the daily spend of credits for any of the SupportLogic product items that incur a charge of credits against your total.

Cost by Product Item over a 30 day period

The drop-down options include:

  • Collaborations - Case Edits, Notes and Replies
  • Event Triggers - Writeback SL fields
  • Case Assignments
  • Collaborations - Case Shares, Annotations, Annotation Replies
  • Text Blocks Processed
  • Case Reviews
  • Case escalation reviewed
  • Collaborations - Case Review Coaching
  • Event Triggers - Alerts Sent

Explanations for each of these events can be found in the Billing and Usage article.

Data Table and Export CSV

A data table is provided for any of the charts you produce that appears under the generated chart. It includes both the raw numbers for the time period selection and the daily, weekly or monthly variance % automatically.

Additionally, there is an Export CSV button that enables you to download the raw numbers for the chart created for any of the charts you generate (see attached example file).  The exported file does not, however, include the daily, weekly or monthly variance % as part of the exported numbers.

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