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Filters, Alerts and Workflows

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To outline the importance and purpose of addressing: Virtual Teams, Virtual Accounts, Filters, Alerts, and Workflows first.


Virtual Teams can be used to track progress by the team on a variety of metrics, can be used to filter the list of cases in the queue, and are available throughout all modules in SupportLogic.

Virtual Accounts: This lets you track specific customers or individuals that can be used to filter lists of cases in the queue and are available throughout SupportLogic.

Global Filters quickly finds cases you need to focus on using filters.

Alerts help you keep track of important case events by notifying you via email, Slack, or MS Teams when certain criteria are met or updating a list service, database, etc., via a URL POST method.

The daily 4-step prescribed workflows are intended to be performed approximately twice a day and should take no more than 20 minutes each. 

Create your Virtual Team

  1. Go to Virtual Teams
  2. Select Create Virtual Teams
  3. Name your Team
  4. Add your Agents
  5. Save your Team

Create your Virtual Accounts/Groups

  1. Go to Virtual Accounts
  2. Select Create Virtual Group or Accounts
  3. Name your Group
  4. Add your Accounts
  5. Save it

Create your Global Filter

  1. Name your Filter
  2. Select your Team or other relevant criteria
  3. Save the Filter

*You may create global filters using fields as well, depending on your needs*Detailed instructions on creating global filters can be found here.

Alerts #1 - Configuration*

  1. Go to My Alerts
  2. Select + New Alert
  3. Add all Negative and Needs Attention Signals
  4. Add Message Type - Inbound
  5. Add your Virtual Team or other relevant filter

*Detailed instructions on creating alerts can be found here

Alerts #2 - Configuration*

  1. Go to My Alerts
  2. Select + New Alert
  3. Add Likely to Escalate
  4. Add your Virtual Team or other relevant filter

*Detailed instructions on creating alerts can be found here

Workflow Screenshots

Review Case - Console

  1. Open case from Console
  2. Review and share case
  3. Acknowledge Sentiment for accountability

*More details on the Console can be found here

Review Case - Escalation

  1. Open case from Escalations page
  2. Review and share case as needed
  3. Acknowledge Snooze or Dismiss for accountability

*More details on Escalations can be found here

Review Backlog

  1. Open Backlog Page
  2. Configure Recommended Lists
  3. Review Cases and take action as needed

*More details on configuring Backlog Lists can be found here

Important Resources to bookmark:

Alerts Configuration Instructions - Key Alerts to Configure

Global Filter Configuration - Configuring the Global Filter to view your Cases

Support Manager Workflow Instructions  - Step by Step guide for SupportManagers

Support Manager Workflow Video - Video Guide for Support Managers



SupportLogic Virtual Teams, Virtual Accounts, Global Filters, Alerts, and Workflows are intended to be quick and efficient. Leverage SupportLogic to be proactive as opposed to reactive. This allows you to drive improved outcomes for your customers.  

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