Release Notes - March 2024

Modified on Fri, 22 Mar 2024 at 12:57 PM


Happy March Madness month!! With Spring setting in, the goodness is rolling out this month.

Major new features

  • Save cases for later

  • Assignment board updates

  • OAuth for Jira


  • Escalation Metrics charts and CSV updates


New Features

Save cases for later

  • A long-awaited feature is now here!! You can now bookmark and Save cases to keep track of them and monitor the progress of interesting cases, all grouped in a new page. Bookmarking cases will be possible from the console page or the case details page, and to make it easy to access these saved cases, the handy bookmark link is available globally on the top navigation. 
                                                         Save Cases for later

Case Assignment Board Improvements

  • Automatic Queue selection for recommended agents—A case can belong to multiple queues, each with its own list of assigned agents. We now take the guesswork out of your hands and automatically pick and show agents belonging to all applicable queues. This makes it easy to manually assign cases to the right agent, knowing that the recommended agents are coming from our agent recommendation ranking across all applicable queues.

ICA - Pre-selected queues automatically

  • Reporter pop-up card with additional info - The reporter tile card has been augmented to show more additional info, such as the active hours of the reporter, the last 10 cases they opened along with the scores. This will help confirm, at a glance, the overlap between the agent and the reporter, as well as get a quick snapshot of the reporter’s case history; which should both help the user manually assigning cases.

                                                       Reporter info - active hours, last 10 cases

  • Time Overlap card accounting for weekends - The time overlap card between the agent and the reporter has been updated to show better overlaps, and will clearly also exclude weekends and hours that fall outside business hours.

                                     ICA - time overlap - accounts for weekends and business hours

  • Bandwidth card allowing sorting by priority or status -  The bandwidth card which shows the agent’s backlog now supports additional viewing options. The backlog can be viewed either by status or by priority, to get an immediate clearer picture of each agent’s backlog.

Bandwidth - Status or Priority

OAuth for JIRA

  • Our Jira customers can now authenticate and connect their Jira account directly in our UI, which opens up more capabilities such as writing back scores, assigning cases, updating fields.

                                                                      Jira OAuth



Escalation Metrics charts and CSV updates

  • Likely to Escalate chart updates - The chart that shows the trend of cases predicted to escalate now supports 2 options. One called Total, will show all the predictions made in that timeframe. The other, called Active, will only show the active predictions at the end of that timeframe.

                                                         Ops Metrics - LTE chart - Total vs Active

  • CSV exports with additional fields - Many charts shown in the Operational Metrics section support CSV exports. With the ability to configure these CSV exports, we can actually provide more information than can be shown via charts. The updates made specifically to the Esclations charts include additional fields such as whether we predicted the escalation, whether the predicted case ended up escalating, and timestamps for both predictions and escalations. There are more fields being added which will only enhance the usefulness of these CSVs in upcoming releases.

                                                    Ops Metrics - Escalation charts - CSV exports

  • Escalation Review Activity table updates - All the values shown in the Escalation Review Activity table can be clicked into, and the popup will show the corresponding case list, as well as support the ability to sort or export the list. In addition, we are also adding another row of users called Others, as well as the Total count across each column. We are also adding another column called Escalated, which will track and show all cases that the user viewed when it was predicted and subsequently escalated. This makes it easy to answer questions such as - what were the cases that a user acted on, whether it be acknowledged, snoozed or disagreed, what cases related to this user escalated, etc.

                                                      Escalation Review Activity table - clickable cells

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