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Alerts Best Practice: Prescriptive alerts that you can create yourself

Modified on Fri, 25 Aug 2023 at 11:24 AM


As a Support Manager, you want to know what’s happening with your team’s cases.  SupportLogic AI/ML is great at notifying you in real time when your customers are struggling for one reason or another.


We recommend configuring alerts on any cases that are owned by members of your team and have negative sentiment or needs attention signals detected on an inbound customer comment.  This will allow you to stay proactive and prioritize cases that are critical to your organization.  

Negative Sentiments or Needs Attention Alerts

The reason that we select only inbound customer comments is to reduce the number of alerts that you receive.  In our experience, Support Managers typically want to be alerted based on what their customers are saying. 

Here is an example of an alert for Negative Sentiment and Needs Attention Signals detected as per the suggested scenario above.  You can include the severity and customer name in the alert payload for additional context if needed.



 Sentiment Score or Needs Attention Score Alerts

Another alert that we recommend creating is when a case owned by a member of your team has a Sentiment or Needs Attention Score that meets a certain threshold.   The scores take into consideration the NLP signals but also response time.  I would recommend the following thresholds to start:

Needs Attention Score > 70

Sentiment Score <40

See examples below


You can raise or lower these depending on your specific needs.  If you want the alerts to be more sensitive, you might reduce the threshold for Needs Attention Score and increase the threshold for Sentiment Score. 


Likely to Escalate Alert

Another alert that we recommend creating is when a case owned by a member of your team is predicted as Likely to Escalate.  SupportLogic’s ML is constantly analyzing your cases for risk factors.  By setting up an alert for this scenario, you can proactively notify that a case is at risk even when you aren’t performing escalation prevention workflows in the UI.


For this alert, we recommend configuring it per the example below

SupportLogic alerting capabilities are extremely robust and can meet a variety of use cases. We encourage you to experiment with them based on the needs of your organization.  

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