Release Notes 2022 - 5.4.7 and before

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Features in these Releases: Alerts | Zendesk | Agent Shifts | Edit Case Review | Case Details | New case view  | Agent Coaching & Evalutation | Trends page. | Escalation cards | Intelligent Case Assignment | Share links on Operational metrics

5.4.7 November 2022

As we near the end of fall and Daylight Savings Time (for the last time!), the SupportLogic team has some exciting new updates to share with you. They’re sure to keep your spirits up as the nights grow longer!

With this release, you’ll see the following:

We’ll also be sunsetting the old case details view, so check out the update for more details.

As always, we’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions or comments, please drop us a note at

The SupportLogic Team

Alerts Made Easier

More flexibility with shared alerts

Alerts are one of the most powerful SupportLogic features, and with this release, we’ve introduced the concept of ‘Shared Alerts’ as permission at the user level.

With this permission enabled, your team members can now also select other people to receive notifications for alerts they create.

SupportLogic Data in Zendesk  

SupportLogic Case Scores in Zendesk

Enhance your team’s experience in Zendesk by syncing Sentiment and Needs Scores back to the CRM. To enable this, please get in touch with the SupportLogic Customer team for the next steps.

Improvements to Agent Shifts  

  • View shifts in other timezones
    Managers creating or updating shifts can now adjust their calendar view to see shift schedules in different time zones.

    No more mental gymnastics trying to figure out what time zone you’re looking at!

  • Distinguish shifts with colors
    Visually distinguish between shifts by selecting a separate color for each one – you know we love colors here at SupportLogic!
  • Copy assignment hours to working hours
    You can now copy the assignment hours from a shift to the working hours section with a simple click.
  • Highlight or hide missing hours
    You’ll see missing hours coverage grouped together for easy identification when viewing shift coverage. You’ll also be prompted to create shifts whenever you have missed coverage at the same time on multiple days of the week.

No more Spelling Errors in Reviews!

Edit a completed case review

Brought to you by popular request, the creator of a case review can now go back and make edits – just go to the completed review in SupportLogic and click the ‘Edit Review’ button. Note that only the manager who created the case review can make edits to it.

Out with the Old, in with the New

Sunsetting the old case details view

After several months in open beta, the new case details view is here to stay! Thank you to everyone who shared feedback and suggestions – please continue to do so; the product managers love hearing from you.

The old case details view will sunset in early December, just before the sunset in 2022.

5.2.3 July 2022

Summer is here (yay!), but before you jet off for that long-anticipated vacation, log into SupportLogic and check out the new case view, now available with this release. We’ve improved the case view to help you better focus on the signals and sentiments extracted from your cases and to make it easier for you to see the case information that is most important to you.

Note that the new case view is currently in Early Access; in other words, you and your team can switch back and forth between working in the current case view and the new one. While in Early Access, we’re collecting your feedback using the in-app form. We’d love to hear what you think, so please drop us a note!

In other news, the SupportLogic brand recently got a sleek refresh. Swing by our website to see the updated look and feel — we think you’ll love the colors! While you’re there, be sure to head over to the resources page for best practices, blog posts, webinar recordings, videos, and more.

Safe travels this summer, folks!

The SupportLogic Team

Switch to the new case view

From the case view, look for the prompt in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to switch to the new case view. Click ‘Let’s go', and you’ll be taken to the new view! If you’d like to switch back, you’ll see a prompt to ‘Exit the new case view’ in the lower left-hand corner of your screen.

Focus on extracted sentiment and scores

Quickly review and acknowledge the extracted sentiments, now prominently located at the top of the case view along with Sentiment and Attention scores. If someone else has already acknowledged a sentiment, it’s also easier to see who acknowledged it and when.

Jump straight to the first case comment - no scrolling necessary

Easily navigate to the first comment of the case by hovering over the description and clicking on ‘Go to case description.’

Give yourself a clean, uncluttered view of case attributes

See exactly the metadata you want to see! Tap the settings gear to manage what case attributes are visible in the case view, and to automatically hide empty fields by default.

Give us feedback - we can't wait to hear from you!


Use the in-app form in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to let us know what you think about the new case detail view. You can give feedback as often as you want, so don’t be shy!

The old case details view will sunset in early December, just before the sunset in 2022.

5.0 April 2022

SupportLogic announces the availability of a new module with this release – Agent Coaching & Evaluation.

A culture of continuous improvement for your support engineers ensures an exceptional service experience for every customer. Support managers need the ability to mentor their engineers, review cases in a timely manner, monitor their agents’ growth, and evaluate their performance. But support managers and executives alike run into multiple limitations in existing tools when trying to execute a consistent company-wide process to achieve their goals.

ACE (Agent Coaching & Evaluation) is a simple, streamlined agent evaluation solution built right into the core SupportLogic SX™ platform. It enables a manager to provide in-context mentoring to their agents and ensure a consistent case review process.

As always, we would love to hear from you, if you have any questions or comments. Please drop us a note at

The SupportLogic Team


Define Your Evaluation Criteria

Establish a consistent rubric for your team

Create a standardized, measurable case evaluation model that will be used by all your teams. Organize the criteria into categories so that you can evaluate how your support team is performing in areas like soft skills, case documentation hygiene, troubleshooting, or other areas that are relevant to your organization.

Coach Agents In-Context

Provide just-in-time mentoring to your engineers

Highlight any portion of a case and provide your engineer feedback – reinforcing good customer support techniques or mentoring them on what they can improve. Coach at any time on any case, active or closed.

Manage Evaluations

Get recommendations on which cases to review

You can review any case once it is closed. Mark a case for review at any time and let the platform let you know when the case closes or let SX™ recommend cases worth reviewing. Manage all your reviews in a single dashboard; filter by agent to ensure that you are maintaining a regular cadence for reviews.

Case Evaluation

Evaluate engineers based on the company rubric

View the coaching that you may have provided the engineer while you are reviewing a case. The rubric established by the company is presented to you so that you can review the case based on each of the criteria. When you are done, route the review directly to the engineer. All reviews are stored centrally – no more spreadsheets stored in different folders on the managers’ laptops.

Agent Performance

Centralize, monitor, benchmark

Monitor how your engineers are doing over time – ACE helps you accomplish this by providing this through a centralized, shared system where you can store all the coaching that you have provided. Track whether your input is helping your agents improve customer experience.

4.13.6 March 2022

SupportLogic has been upgrading your application all year, and we thought it was time to tell you some of the things that we have done.

But before we tell you all about them, did you know that SX Live, the industry’s first conference dedicated to the support experience, is less than two weeks away?  This free, three-day online conference is geared towards support leaders, managers, and front-line agents.  Speakers include thought leaders from, Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP, Zendesk, and many more forward-thinking companies.  If you are a Customer Support, Success or Product professional, register now if you haven’t already done so.

Now let’s talk about the features:

  • Expand the Trends page to include all Needs Attention signals
  • More essential information in the Escalation Cards
  • Highlight the top skills for the recommended agents in ICA
  • Share URLs for individual tabs in operational metrics

As always, we would love to hear from you, if you have any questions or comments. Please drop us a note at 

The SupportLogic Team

Filter by any Needs Attention signal

You can now filter the signals that you find on the Keywords and Trends page by any of the needs attention signals (Production Issue, Critical Issue, Urgency, Call Request or Follow Up Request), in addition to specifying whether you are looking for the signal in inbound, outbound or internal comments.

More Detail on the Escalation Cards

See relevant case information with the escalation details

See the case Sentiment Score, Needs Attention Score, and details of the most recent case comment in the Escalations cards in the kanban view.

When SupportLogic ICA (Intelligent Case Assignment) recommends the best agents to route a case to, we now show you only the most relevant skills of the agent that are applicable to the case.

Sometimes you want to share a specific tab in the Operational Metrics with a colleague.  Previously, you could only send them a link to the entire Operational Metrics section.  But with this release, you can share a link that will take them directly to the appropriate tab.

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