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Change background colour for sentiment score in CRM

Modified on Thu, 16 Nov, 2023 at 8:39 AM

SupportLogic provides users with the flexibility to customize the background color of Sentiment Scores according to their preferences. This can be achieved using the SupportLogic Package UI and Hex Color Codes. Follow the steps below to modify the Sentiment Score background color:


  • Navigate to the App Launcher in the Salesforce UI (located as a 9 dots matrix on the left side).
  • Open the SupportLogic App, identify the SupportLogic logo on the top header.
  • Go to SupportLogic Configuration and check for configurations labeled SC-0029 to SC-0035. Each item represents a specific range of sentiment scores.
  • Choose a configuration, for example, SC-0033, representing a sentiment score range (e.g., 75 - 83).
  • Open the selected configuration.
  • Utilize a Hex code generator (ex. HTML Color Codes ) to find the desired Hex Code for the background color.
  • Copy the Hex Code.
  • In the configuration field for Hex Code (e.g., Hex Code for SC-0033), paste the copied Hex Code with the format ‘#XXXXXX’ (e.g., #000000 for black).
  • Save the changes and refresh the Case > Sentiment Score page to apply the updated color.

Video Reference:

For a visual guide, you can refer to the video tutorial on changing the Salesforce plugin configuration. [Video Link: Changing SFDC plugin configuration.]

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