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Virtual Accounts and Groups

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Virtual Accounts are used to track specific customers, or individuals, that can be used to filter lists of cases in queue and are available throughout SupportLogic.

Virtual Groups enable you to combine Virtual Accounts with other accounts or other Virtual Accounts to create a roll-up collection that can be used in filtering and are available throughout SupportLogic.


Start by defining your Virtual Account(s). Some scenarios that you might consider for determining your Virtual Account(s) are:

  • Key Accounts: due to seniority, total account value, politics, etc. some accounts you wish to group for tracking purposes or provide special attention.
  • Accounts based on maturity: depending on your product, there may be a need to identify accounts based on how long they have been a business, or where they are with the implementation of your solution(s).
  • Account logistical information: some examples of logistical information groupings are accounts based on total annual revenue; geographic location; multinational versus national; industry focus; total employee count, etc.
  • C-level individuals within accounts: there may be individual business owners that are very active with your particular product or individuals who have the financial responsibility for the purchase and/or continued use of your product that you wish to provide special attention to.
  • Community advocates: if your product has an active community (online or otherwise) there may be strong advocates of your product that have helped keep your product featured. Some even answer questions, which helps reduce support cases.  You might want to identify and ensure they are not provided generic or basic answers to problems when contacting support, as you already know they are experts in using your product.

The reasons you might define a Virtual Account are numerous. SupportLogic provides you the ability to quickly create them and roll them up into Virtual Groups for tracking multiple Virtual Accounts with a single filter.

Virtual Accounts

Search and Filter

To define a Virtual Account, it is a good practice to review existing accounts that may already have been created by your system administrator to ensure you are not duplicating efforts. Also, it is easier to duplicate an existing Virtual Account and then modify it for your needs.

Three features will help you find Virtual Accounts quickly:

  • collapse / expand all control
  • search
  • filters

Personal versus Global

Both Virtual Accounts and Virtual Groups enable users to review global accounts or groups that have been created. However, only administrators have the ability to create, edit, or delete global accounts or groups. 

The instructions in this article assume you are not an administrator. If you are, you will have the additional option to choose global versus personal when creating either a Virtual Account or a Virtual Group.

As shown in the image below, personal accounts and groups are indicated with a (p) inside the icon for each.

Create a Virtual Account

To create a Virtual Account:

  1. As stated, we recommend checking existing Virtual Account(s) first. You can quickly expand the list with collapse / expand all (a).
  2. Either duplicate (b) an existing account and add accounts or individuals to it and save it as a new personal group.
  3. You also can use Create a Virtual Group button (c), provide it a name, add accounts, individuals, Virtual Accounts, etc. and save.

Create a Virtual Account by Duplicating an existing one

Using the Filter

When creating a Virtual Account, you have the option of adding an individual reporter or customer account. To use the filter, you will need to expand the options, which appears under the search bar (see example below).

Using the Filter options.

Create a Virtual Group

After creating one or more Virtual Accounts, you may wish to consolidate your lists into a Virtual Group. Some reasons you might need Virtual Group:

  • You wish to combine Virtual Accounts you have identified as "key" accounts and combine that list with existing organizational Virtual Accounts that are identified as "key" accounts. This enables you to use just one filter to get a consolidated list of all "key" accounts when you are assigning cases, managing escalations, etc.

  • If your organization has accounts broken down by geography and you happen to be responsible for multiple regions, you could combine existing Virtual Accounts into one personal Virtual Group that you use to manage all of your regions with one filter.

To create a Virtual Group:

  1. As with Virtual Accounts, it is a good idea to review what has already been created in your organization. Use the collapse / expand all option (a).

  2. To use an existing Group, use the Duplicate Virtual Group button (b), if you wish to start with an existing group and add accounts or individuals to it and save it as a new personal group.

  3. You also can use Create a Virtual Group button (c), provide it a name, add accounts, individuals, Virtual Accounts, etc. and save the group.

Creating a Virtual Group

Note :  For creating Virtual Account/Group, it should have minimum two accounts

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