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Adding Agent Name(s) as Alert Triggers

Modified on Wed, 31 Jan 2024 at 12:42 AM


You can use both individual Agents (Support Engineers | Service Agents | etc.) and Virtual Teams as trigger conditions in Alerts.


When creating a Standard Alert, if you wish to only receive notification on cases that are owned by a specific Agent or an Agent within a specific Virtual Team, you can add them as Trigger conditions when creating an Alert.

Adding Agents as a Condition for an Alert Trigger

When defining a Standard Alert, you can include (Support Engineers | Service Agents | etc.) and Virtual Teams as a Trigger for the Alert. 

This is useful for a few scenarios, such as:

  • Quality Assurance: if you need to monitor cases owned by a specific Agent or specific team;
  • Product / Product Lines: if your organization has support segmented by product line or specialty and you want to be alerted when cases for specific product lines meet a specific set of conditions;
  • Complexity / Expertise: when you need to track cases that are being addressed by speciality or advanced skill-sets that only certain Agents posses.

To add an Agent or Virtual Team as an Alert Trigger:

1. Create a standard (not Keyword) Alert.

2. Add an Alert condition by selecting Agents (Support Engineers | Service Agents | etc.) from the Alert Conditions.

3. Optionally, add Virtual Teams from the Alert Conditions.

Once it has been added the team, you will be able to see the team name in both the condition and payload.

4. You can also add the Agent or Virtual Team in the payload which will directly include the agent name in the alerts being sent.

After configuring this, you will start receiving email alerts with the agent's name included.

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