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How to Show/Hide Queue functions

Modified on Thu, 16 Nov 2023 at 11:47 AM


Virtual Queues can be shown or hidden for specific Agents (Engineers) or Virtual Teams in order to restrict the visible cases in SupportLogic. 


Walk through how to show or hide queues, create new queues, and to assign cases automatically to specific agents. 

Virtual Queues

SupportLogic enables you to create queues that can be automatically assigned to specific agents or teams.  An example use case for using a Virtual Queue.

You have a suite of software solutions designed to help administrators manage network servers and desktop applications. Only certain members within your Support organization have the necessary skills and credentials to troubleshoot issues with network servers. In this case, you might want to create a Virtual Queue based on a specific field values to ONLY go to the Network Server Support Queue.

Show or Hide a Virtual Queue

In SupportLogic, you can hide the virtual queue, which is imported from the CRM tool, or add a new virtual queue, as shown below in the screenshots. To show/hide queue functions from SupportLogic, please follow the below steps. 

Go to Case Assignment > Assignment Queues 

Adding a CRM Queue

To add a new CRM queue to the case assignment section, you can scroll down and click on the "Add CRM queue" option. You can then start typing the group name or ID and click on the name to add it to the Assignment Queues. 

To add a Virtual Queue, you can follow the below steps: 

  1. Click on the + icon near " Add a virtual queue"
  2. Select the case fields, customers, and agents to be added to the virtual queue. In the agent's section, you can add a virtual group and a virtual org. 
  3. Click on the "Create Virtual Queue option".

To remove a virtual queue, click on the delete icon on the right side to remove it from the Assignment Queues.

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