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Can SupportLogic set SLAs for specific customers if the customer has premium customers with unique SLAs?

Modified on Tue, 20 Dec, 2022 at 12:28 PM

If the premium customer has a specific case field, would it appear in the ticket details?

The short answer is yes. Within the Control Center > Settings > Target 
Case Metrics, you can set up different SLA times for a 2-dimensional matrix. 

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SupportLogic makes a variety of potential scenarios possible by providing you the options of setting up your SLA criteria with a two-dimensional configurable grid. So you could set up one SLA criteria for cases with a Priority of "high" and Severity of "medium" and "high" with a different criteria for those with a Priority of "medium" or "low" that fell into a particular product Category type, for example.

Below are additional examples of how you might use different case fields to come up with a variety of potential SLA requirements.

Priority and (Liability | Severity)

(Status | Category) and Priority

SFDC Milestones Example

If you use Milestones in Salesforce to track SLA compliance. We can bring in the latest milestone for a case as custom field. We can only bring in one. This means SLA tracking is done in Salesforce.

Some clients that leverage the "Milestone Is Violated" flag within Salesforce. That flag is brought into SupportLogic as a custom field for the current milestone. So instead of configuring that within the Target Case Metrics, it should be set up as an Alert criteria to trigger an Alert event. See the My Alerts article for more detail.

Learn More About Control Center Settings and Field Values

You can learn more about configuring target metrics in the Settings and the Field Values articles.

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