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Virtual Teams and Organizations

Modified on Fri, 17 Feb, 2023 at 2:23 PM


Virtual Teams can be used to track progress by team on  a variety of metrics, can be used to filter the list of cases in queue and are available throughout all modules in SupportLogic. Virtual Orgs are collections of Virtual Teams and are also used in filtering and are available through all modules in SupportLogic.


Start by defining your Virtual Team(s). Some scenarios that you might consider for determining your Virtual Team(s) are:

  1. Reporting Structure
  2. Operating Time Zones
  3. Area of Expertise
  4. Specialty Skill Set

Create a Virtual Team

To define a Virtual Team, it is a good practice to review existing teams in your organization to ensure you are not duplicating efforts. Also, if you do find a team similar to the one you wish to create, it is much easier to duplicate it first and then modify it to your needs to save time adding Agents / Engineers manually from scratch.

  1. Using the Search and/or Filter features, see if there are Virtual Teams you can either use directly or leverage as a starting point
  2. If you decide to modify an existing Virtual Team, you will need to Duplicate it first
  3. See the image below for three quick ways to review the existing Virtual Teams: Filter >, Search and the expand / collapse carrot icon

Use the Filter, Search and Expand / Collapse All features to review existing Virtual Teams

The image below walks through the very simple process of searching for agents and then adding them to your Virtual Team.

Create a Virtual Org

Virtual Orgs are composed of Virtual Teams, individuals and structured teams that may have been created by your organization already.

The process for creating a Virtual organization is as simple as it is for creating Virtual Teams:

  1. Search for agents, Virtual Teams, etc.
  2. Add them to the list and Create your virtual organizations

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