Configure MS Teams in SupportLogic

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As with Slack, you can configure Microsoft Teams for collaboration and notifications in SupportLogic (see My Alerts article notifications section).


First configure the users in Azure Active Directory, then configure SupportLogic

Instructions Main Section

Step 1: Create an MS Teams bot user dedicated to send SupportLogic Alerts and Notifications. Then follow the instructions below in MS Azure.

MS Azure New User creation.

  1. Sign-in to Azure Active Directory.
  2. Search for and select Azure Active Directory from any page.
  3. In the left navigation pane, select Users, and then select New User.
  4. Choose Create New User.
  5. Provide these details:

Field Name
User Name
First Name
Last Name

For usage location, provide United States. 

This is required. If we do not configure the usage location, then SupportLogic cannot assign MS Teams licenses to the user.

  1. Click on Create.
  2. Once the user created, click on the user.
  3. Copy the username. Store it for later use.
  4. In the left navigation pane, Click on Licenses. Click on Assignments.
  5. Assign the MS Teams license (depends on the subscription you have in your organization) to that user and save it.
  6. Sign into with this new username and password. 
  7. Reset the password.

Step 2: Login to SupportLogic with the above created MS Teams bot user

MS Teams configuration in SupportLogic.

  1. Sign into SupportLogic dashboard and in the left navigation pane, Go to the Control Center > Settings > Alerts/Notifications.
  2. You can see MS Teams Integration (The red highlighted one in above image).
  3. Click on button Enter MS teams credentials and it will redirect you to Azure sign in page. 
  4. Provide the MS Teams bot user (the one you created above) credentials there and click on Next. 
  5. Consent the permissions for the SupportLogic Auth app.

SupportLogic needs these permissions to send alerts and notifications to MS Teams users and channels. Click and Accept the permissions.

Once you accept it, then you will see a success login response.

That's it. MS Teams setup is done for your organization in SupportLogic.

Ask your dashboard users to sign into MS Teams either via the Case Share page or Alerts pages.

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