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Reduce Clutter / Refine My View

Modified on Mon, 5 Dec, 2022 at 9:28 AM


Setup ad configure your Virtual Team(s) and apply to with a Global Filter to zero in on the cases relevant to you.


Three easy steps to complete to reducing the amount of support cases you see within SupportLogic. They are:

  1. Create your Virtual Team(s) so that you can quickly filter your view to see only cases relevant to your team.
  2. Create one or more Global Filters that leverage your Virtual Team.
  • Review the case fields available to further refine the list of cases displayed.
  • Additionally, you may define one or more Virtual Account(s) to view cases for specific customers and apply them to your Global Filters as well.

Display Only Cases Relevant to My Team

To reduce the amount of cases that appear when you log into SupportLogic, you need to define filters that you apply to the default view so that you see only the cases that are relevant to you and your team(s). 

Step One - Create your Virtual Team

A Virtual Team is simply a team of Support Agents / Engineers that report to you directly or indirectly. You can add them by name or combine existing Virtual Teams together to form a Virtual Organization.  Using a Virtual Team as a filter to reduce the number of cases you see is only one use for them. Additionally, you can leverage the Virtual Team(s) you create to also gain insight on your team's performance under Agent Insights.

Follow the instructions of the Virtual Teams and Organizations article to create a team that is comprised of only your agents / engineers.

Step Two - Create a Global Filter

Now that you have your Virtual Team created, you can use it within the creation of a Global Filter.  To do so:

  1. Create a Global Filter (full instructions are available in the Global, Dynamic and Quick Filters article)
  2. Under the Agents tab of the Global Filter definition, expand the Filters option and select the "Virtual Team(s)" so that can search for the team you created in Step One.
  3. Include any Case Fields or Customers that you need to include for your Global Filter and select Create a global filter
  4. Once defined, your new filter is not automatically applied. To do so, click the Apply button next to it

You're done and you can now use your Global Filter almost anywhere in SupportLogic to quickly reduce the number of cases to only those that you and your team are responsible for.

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