Notify Me When My Accounts Are Experiencing Critical Issues

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Put SupportLogic automations to work for you, so you can work more efficiently. Leveraging the SupportLogic ability to detect customer sentiment in real time, notify me if one of my key accounts is experiencing issues before they escalate to me.


Create an Alert in SupportLogic that triggers when one of your customers is indicating they have a critical issue that is not being addressed, if their Sentiment Score drops beneath a certain number and/or other concerns that might be detected by SupportLogic.

The steps below will show you how to:
  1. Identify the list of customers you want to set the alert for and which conditions you are most concerned with.
  2. Create a Virtual Account that is comprised of your customers you identify in step 1.
  3. Configure an Alert based on sentiments detected that indicate trouble or concern for only those customers you added to the Virtual Account created in step 2.

Roles This Article is Intended

  • Customer Success Managers
  • Executives
  • Customer Advocates
  • Senior Support Managers


First, help me identify a short list of accounts to start with.  Then, I want SupportLogic to notify me when key accounts are experiencing urgent or critical issues in real time by email or instant message.

Process Overview

Starting from Customer Favorites, target and identify key accounts with above average "urgent" or "critical" sentiments detected.

Then configure Alert(s) to target those customer or individual reporters to look for specific case criteria, customer sentiments expressed in conjunction with case priority / severity that indicate I may need to address their needs.

Step 1 - Identify List of Key Customers

This may be the complete list of your customers, or a select few.  The reasons you might want to watch out for certain customers vary based on your needs. Some examples might be:

  • Key accounts up for renewal
  • Largest customers based on ARR
  • Strategic accounts identified by your organization
  • Customers that you believe are a churn risk

Some articles and tools available from SupportLogic that you may want to check out to help you determine your list of customers are:

  1. 4 Customer Service Workflows That Actually Help You Make Use of AI (by Jono Williamson)
  2. Customer Favorites which provides a watch list of your favorite customers organized so you can quickly compare and contrast key stats on all of your accounts.
  3. What is Customer Sentiment Analysis and 7 Ways It Improves the Customer Experience (by Joe Andrews)

Once you have your list identified, go on to Step 2.

Step 2 - Create a Virtual Account

With your list identified, follow the steps in our Help Center article on how to Create a Virtual Account.

Step 3 - Create an Alert

Finally, once you have created your Virtual Account with your list of customers, you are ready to configure your Alert. We have two articles that will walk you through this process:

If you find that you are unable to create your own alert, you may need to contact your Support Operations or SupportLogic Administrator to make sure you have permissions and access to My Alerts. This is configured under Control Center > Manage Users section of SupportLogic.

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