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Release Notes - January 2024

Modified on Thu, 22 Feb at 2:51 PM

January 2024 - Regex Alerts, Case Assignment updates, and more


Happy 2024!! Wishing you all a wonderful year ahead.

We are here with several exciting updates to kick off the year.

Major new features

  • Regex support in Alerts

  • Various improvements to Case Assignment

  • Adding UUID to Customer accounts

  • Alerts for Chats

  • Real-time updates of custom fields


  • Additional engagement reports for escalation reviews

  • Improvements to Fast Response and Lack of Progress signal detection

The SupportLogic Team

New Features

Regex support in Alerts

  • Following on the successful launch of Keyword Alerts, we are proud to add Regex support for keyword alerts now. All common wild characters are now supported when creating a Keyword alert. We can’t wait to see how creative your regex-powered alerts get.

Alerts - Regex Keywords


Case Assignment improvements

  • New layout for Time Overlap - The Time Overlap card shown when viewing Agent recommendations has now been updated to show more useful info such as the exact times of overlap between the Agent and the Customer, as well as the overlaps for the next 24 hours.

  • Clear All button added to queue drop-list - It was always possible to choose multiple queues on the Assignment board. And now, with the addition of the Clear All button, it’s easy to remove the selected queues.

  • Sorting Assigned cases by assignment time - On the Assigned today tab, we have added a new sorting option, which will let you view the cases by the Assigned time.

  • Deprecating the Complexity module for Agent Recommendation - In an effort to simplify and streamline the agent recommendations, we are removing the Complexity module. It was already a low contributor to the overall score, and removing it won’t have any noticeable effect on the overall ranking.

  • Defaulting the filter condition to OR - The Assignment Board lets you select multiple queues to view matching cases. Now, by default, the filter will default to OR, and show cases accordingly.

  • Persisting Filter selections - Any filter selection made both on the Assignment board, as well as the Console page - New Cases tab, will be persisted and stay on until the user revises them again.

  • Showing CRM assignments on the case timeline - We are expanding the case activity history to show all assignments made on a case, including cases being returned back to a queue.

Case Assignment Updates


Adding UUID to Customer Account searches

  • To make it easy to find Customer Accounts, we are now including the UUID as part of the account name. It will now be possible to search for specific accounts by UUID, both on Customer Insights as well as any applicable Filter.

UUID for Customer Accounts


Alerts for Chats

  • It’s now possible to setup Alerts that specifically looks at Chat interactions or Email comments alone, and warns when negative sentiments or an escalation is predicted from that selected source alone.

Alerts - Sources


Real-time updates of custom fields

  • Going forward, any new values added to custom fields will be automatically reflected in our UI without any time delay. This previously required a manual refresh.

Additional engagement reports for escalation reviews

  • As part of the user engagement reports for Escalation Reviews, we will also show how many reviews were done via Slack. And another update is that these reports are now also exportable to CSV files for offline analysis.

Engagement Metrics - Escalation Reviews


Improvements to Fast Response and Lack of Progress signal detection

  • As part of ongoing continuous improvements to our signal detection, this release sees significant updates to 2 sentiment signals, namely:

    • Fast Response signal detection has improved by 35.3% in precision and 12.5% in recall

    • Lack of Progress signal detection has improved by 40.1% in precision and 10.3% in recall

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