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Trend Analytics

Modified on Sun, 26 Nov 2023 at 04:30 PM


Segment your data and identify patterns.

Pick any two attributes (topics) to segment your case data and discover patterns and outliers along dimensions that you can only get through SupportLogic.


Trend Analytics provides an attribute-based segmentation analysis with a K-means distribution with error bars over a period of time. Selecting any two properties about your cases generates a summary view of various trends that occur in cases on an aggregate level. This can provide insights, and/or reveal patterns, that might otherwise be missed.

Trend Analytics

This report enables you to analyze trends in cases, customer sentiments, agent responses by comparing two dimensions of cases together. To generate a report, select two different topics about cases you want to compare:

As with most areas within SupportLogic, your Global and Dynamic filters will impact the results of your report. So, if you want to see aggregate trends in all cases, not just those focused on your team, you will need to turn off any Global filters you have active.

Analysis Dimensions

You can change the topic of focus using the drop-down menu in the upper left of the chart, set the date range, focus on All, Closed or Open cases, and toggle between trend reports and Agent summaries for any of the case dimension tabs (see below):

Example Use Cases for Trend Analytics

Sentiment Score by Agents

While not recommended for performance evaluation, this is configuration would enable a manager to quickly track the average case sentiment by Agent based on aggregate case Sentiment Scores.

This would depend on how the distribution of the sentiment is generated and associated to a particular Agent and at what time during the lifecycle of the case. 

I would want to know that if I have a negative sentiment that it was, in fact, tied to the response, or very, very, very closely correlated to the response by the Agent.  This might only be applicable if there is a consistent case ownership within an organization.

First Responder Time

A safe metric to start with which quickly plots out the First Response Time by Agent in a very clear bar chart. This metric would be easily verifiable for evaluation purposes.

You can easily select Topics and Categories that might reveal an Agent's trepidation on cases that deal with _____. This could be a way to identify either coaching or direct training needed on a platform, new version, operating system, etc. It has the potential to even elevate awareness of that familiarity that even the agent or their manager is not consciously aware of as it plots behavior in a unique way.

Exporting Case Lists

There may be times when you want to compare more than two topics or include additional case dimensions in your analysis, so you can export the full case lists with Sentiment and Attention Scores and case summary using the Ticket List tab and exporting the list as a *.csv file. 

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