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Ticket Detail

Modified on Thu, 07 Sep 2023 at 08:27 AM

The Ticket Detail page is the ElevateSX version of SupportHub in SLC. This has been specifically designed, keeping in mind QA needs that one might have from a ticket. The Ticket Detail interface has three main sections:

  • Left section – This area all the scores (QA - Auto & Manual, CES and CSAT)for a ticket and quick navigation options that arise from an audit that has been carried out for the ticket (auto or manual).

  • Middle section – The main area in the center - this has two parts. 
    • The topmost is the main information about the ticket - Ticket ID, Status, Agents responsible, link to the ticket within your CRM and an expandable option to see all of the metadata tags. 
    • The bottom section is the comments section that contains all of the communication within the ticket.

  • Right section - This also contains two parts:
    • Activity Log - This is a record of all key actions that have taken place within the ticket (Opening, Closure, Audits, Disputes etc)
    • Criteria panel – The right side of the interface, this contains your scorecard criteria and ratings and is where you can edit/add any Behaviors to a ticket (manually score a ticket)

Action Bar – This is the area above the Activity Log container and below your Name on the top-right of your screen. Here you will find all your action items - buttons to start actions (Review, Notify, Flag (Dispute) etc).

Audit View:

At any point, you can click on the Left Arrow button that is in the middle of your screen, just to the left of the comments container, to go into an Audit view. What this does is that the entire Left Section of the page is hidden, only showing you the main ticket info, the comments and the grading system (Criteria container). 

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