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Manual Reviews

Modified on Thu, 7 Sep, 2023 at 8:41 AM

With ElevateSX, manually scoring or reviewing tickets has never been easier. Whether it’s in the form of planned out Assignments or quick, simple adjustments or feedback to a ticket or even a deep drive into a focused ticket - Elevate SX does it all.

We support multiple scorecards and you can score a ticket based on whatever criteria you like. Moreover, you can also make adjustments to the ElevateSX Auto QA scores, using a scorecard of your creation and choice.

The actions we support:

  • Behavior Changes,
  • Behavior Additions,
  • Behavior Deletions,
  • Behavior Feedback
  • Ticket Feedback

Note - Barring comments/feedback etc, all of the actions will affect the ticket’s score.

Now, before going into how Manual Scoring can be carried out, you need to have already created at least one Scorecard. For more information on how this can be done, please click here.

As mentioned above, we have two ways of manually scoring a ticket – a) Assignments and; b) Direct Review.


Assignments are a simple way of planning out your QA’s team’s most essential processes. By carefully planning out and creating all your assignments, you can ensure your team is always aware and functioning at their best.

For detailed information about Assignments, the different kinds, creation and entire process, please click here.

Already have your assignments on hand? Great, now head over to QA > Assignments to locate all your pending assignments. From here:

  • Click on Start
  • From here on, you have multiple actions that you can take.
  • Click on a Behaviors name or description
  • Leave a comment
  • Score a Behavior
  • Click on “Complete Review”
  • Leave comments (optional)
  • Submit. Go to the next ticket.
  • Repeat until all tickets in the assignment are complete .. and voila!

Direct Review (within the Ticket Detail page)

In the case that you have already identified a ticket or a series of tickets for review, you can also directly head over to the Ticket Detail page and start a review.

All you have to do for this:

  • Open the Ticket Detail page

  • Enter Review mode by doing either of these:

    • Clicking on the “Review” button
    • Modifying a Behavior
    • Clicking on “Add Criteria”

  • Once done, you will be prompted to select a Scorecard

Note - Choosing ‘Elevate SX Auto QA’ would allow you to review this ticket at a comment level and continue with all of the Auto QA’s observations (as opposed to starting with a blank scorecard for the other options).

  • Confirm your Scorecard and begin your review!

  • Once done, click on “Complete Review”

  • Finally, fill out the three-pronged form for an additional level of feedback and coaching for your Agents. Once done, click on “Confirm”
  • Once done, you will see the resulting QA score in the “Manual QA” card in the Scores section of the page.

This is now the default and final score of the ticket.

The only way for this score, and contributing Behaviors, to be changed is through Disputes. More on that here.

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