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Ticket of Interest

Modified on Thu, 7 Sep, 2023 at 3:53 AM

Ticket of Interest Page

The Ticket of Interest (formerly called the Triage page) is where you can quickly identify the good and the bad that’s going on in your team – custom leaderboards for your customer support and customer experience (CX) teams.

Whether it’s metrics that we’ve built to identify issues, such as Escalation Risk, or simple, yet important KPIs, such as Low CSAT/QA, Avg. Handle Time etc or even keeping a track of your best performing agents – the Triage page buckets and ranks tickets in order of priority to ensure you’re looking at the most important.

Think there’s something more important for you to track? Let us know and we’ll add that to your view!
Whether its a combination of metadata tags or anything really that we have access to from your CRM, we can create a board for you to track tickets that are noteworthy.

Each board on the Triage page consist of two sections – 1) Header and 2) Leaderboards.

Header Section:

This is where you would see the title of the board – the main criteria by which the tickets inside are ranked. Along with this, we also provide top-level information that would enable you to fully understand how this aspect is performing.


This is a straight count of the total number of tickets for the particular criteria in the specified time frame.

Example: If there are 50 tickets that present in the Escalation Risk board in the set time period, the number displayed beside this icon will show 50.

Growth Rate  

This is a growth rate that tells you how much growth there has been in the number of tickets, from the previous period to the current, based on the specified time frame.

We calculate:

(Current Period Tickets - Previous Period Tickets / Previous Period Tickets) * 100

Example: We’re looking at Escalation Risk numbers for the Past Week. No of Tickets in the Current Week – 50 No of Tickets in the Previous Time Period (The week before the current week) – 25 Growth = [(50 - 25) / 25] * 100

Hence, the number beside this icon will be 100 indicating that the number has gone up.

Percentage of Total

This represents the number of tickets in the given board as a percentage of all the tickets, in the specified time frame.

We calculate:

(No of Tickets in the Board in the Time Period / Total Tickets in the Time Period)

Example: We’re looking at Escalation Risk number for the Past 6 Months. Escalation Risk Tickets – 35 Total Tickets – 450 Percentage = (35 / 450) * 100

Hence, the number beside this icon will display 7.8.

Note – For the Low CSAT board, the Total taken is not Total Tickets but Total CSAT Responses.

Leaderboard Section:

In this section of the boards, you will see the tickets that meet the respective criteria, ranked in order of importance along with key information for each ticket.

While this might change for some boards, the data displayed here is:

  • Ticket ID
  • Ticket Last Update Date
  • Agent Name
  • Customer Name
  • Tags pertaining to the specific board.

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