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Case Assignment

Modified on Wed, 14 Feb 2024 at 09:38 AM


Use Case Assignment to organize all your unassigned and open cases and see our product in action as it makes intelligent agent recommendations by correlating the skills needed to work on the case with the agents’ skills, their availability, and a range of other factors.


The first time you use Case Assignment, you will be prompted to select a queue to view open cases or you can select "All Open Cases", and how you would like to sort them. Typically, the following options are available:

  • Customer Name
  • Sentiment Score
  • Attention Score
  • Created At
  • Priority

If you see the message, "Oops! your scope settings doesn't allow access to this case" it means that your profile may not have sufficient permissions or you are attempting to review a case in a queue you are not authorized to see.  Try switching your filter to show "All Queues".

Queues, Global Filters, Case Filters and Assigned status

Case Assignments includes a few additional filters that help you focus on the cases you are responsible for assigning. These are:

Assigned Status (tabs) - there are two options you can toggle between (Unassigned and Assigned today) and each tab provides the number of cases that are:

  • Unassigned - your 'to do list' of cases needing to be assigned to agents
  • Assigned today - shows you a list of the cases that have been assigned to agents today 

As with other pages in SupportLogic, you can apply your Global Filters and that will immediately update the number of case that appear in your list. 

Assigning Cases

For any unassigned case, click on Unassigned at the top of the case and three options are presented: SupportLogic Recommendations, Assign to Agent, and Assign to Queue.

SupportLogic Recommended agents provides an overall match for each agent within the list. Clicking on the percentage next to any agent name in the list will display the details for the five criteria used to determine the recommendation:  

  • Time Overlap: does the agent work hours that overlap with the business hours for that customer
  • Case complexity: is the case within this agent's technical know-how based on learnings from previous cases
  • Skills match: has this agent owned other cases for this particular problem and category
  • Company experience: has the agent worked with this customer previously
  • Bandwidth: is this agent's backlog too high or low enough for them to take on this case

Assign to Agent

You can also search for a particular agent and assign the case directly.

Assign to Queue

You can also assign the case to one of the queues created by your system administrator under Control Center > Settings > Case Assignment.

Re-assigning a Case

SupportLogic enables you to re-assign cases as part of the Escalation Review workflow. When a case is re-assigned to another agent, the re-assignment is noted both in the history of the case and, if the re-assignment was completed during the Escalation Review, also noted in the escalation review details, see image below:

Case re-assignment history

To learn more about the Escalation Review workflow, see the Escalations article.

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