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Modified on Thu, 7 Sep, 2023 at 7:58 AM

Have you ever needed to challenge a review? Or point out crucial information about a case that might have been missed by the QA? Or a simple error, perhaps? With Elec, your team is now equipped to handle it all!

Agents can now dispute the QA score given to them, both - the Auto QA score or a Manually Reviewed ticket can be challenged. They can track all of their disputes within the QA > Disputes page.

All QA personnel will get notified when a Dispute is raised. From there one can navigate to the QA > Disputes page to track and resolve the disputes.

Raising a Dispute

  • Open the ticket page and navigate to the comment(s) that need to be disputed
  • Click on the Flag icon beside the Behavior name to mark a behavior to be disputed. You may also leave comments (if needed).

  • Repeat for all comments and behaviors in the ticket

Note – As an Agent, you may only review one ticket once. In the case wherein multiple Agents have worked on the same ticket, each agent will be able to dispute the same ticket (against their own comments only), but only once.

  • Review everything in the conformation screen. Once you’re satisfied, click on Confirm to raise the Dispute.

  • Head over to QA > Disputes to track this dispute.

At this point, the entire QA team will get notified about the Dispute. Once resolved, the status will change for all users – Agents and QA alike, and they will get notified about the same.

Resolving a Dispute

  • To open and start resolving a dispute, select a dispute from within the QA > Disputes page and click on the ‘Open’ icon

  • You will be navigated to the Dispute page, which is within the Ticket Detail page itself.
  • Start examining the Dispute.

Note - (a) The number in brackets beside the word ‘Disputes’ denotes to total number of behaviors that have been disputed in the ticket. Highlighted area in the top-right of the image.

(b) The other highlighted area in the image, top-left, contains the way to navigate between disputed comments in a ticket and shows the total number of disputed comments.

  • To overturn the existing grading for a behavior, simply choose another option from the dropdown. You may also leave comments for every behavior (optional).

  • Once done, click on the ‘Resolve Dispute’ button.

  • Review all the changes made (if any) and click on Confirm to resolve the Dispute.

Note – A user may choose to not change anything within the ticket as well.

The Dispute has now been marked as resolved for all users and they will be notified about the same.

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