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My Customers

Modified on Wed, 6 Dec, 2023 at 1:45 PM


Track your key customer accounts, and review their key indicators such as their customer score, case volume and escalations. Gain insights by comparing accounts with one another and/or adding average support costs per case to the view.


My Customers can be comprised of Individual Reporters (from a customer account), specific Accounts, Virtual Accounts, or Virtual Groups you may have created. 

All grouped accounts display as a roll-up summary for that group, but can be expanded in the My Customers table. Use this page to quickly identify anomalies in customer sentiment, average case costs, and key case metrics about your customers.

List of favorite customers, arranging the Attention, Sentiment and Customer Score for quick comparisons.

Favorite Customers

My Customers and Favorite Customers (accessed under Preferences in the upper right-hand corner of SupportLogic) feed into the same list.  

To add to My Customers or Favorite Customers:

  1. 1. Open My Preferences
  2. 2. Search for an account, individual user, Virtual Account or Virtual Group
  3.     * You can use the "Filters" option under the search box to refine your search
  4. 3. Once identified, add the Customer Account, Virtual Account or Individual Reporter to the list

Once you have built up your list, you can also individually configure the date range for individual columns and/or additional settings, such as your average cost per case in the My Customers page.


You can rearrange the column order to any that you please.

You have the ability to mix and match the date range per column in the My Customers page. So, if you are looking to get a 6 months running total on all columns, you would need to update the Estimated Support Cost, Priority Distribution and Case Age Distribution columns as shown in the image below.

Configuring Costs per Case

Several of the columns in My Customers are configurable, such as "Estimated Support Cost". To configure your average case cost, consider the following:

  • Consider both your average case cost versus escalated case cost
  • Determine how you are going to categorize your average pricing, i.e. which case fields have an impact on the costs for each case?



Share My Customer (favorite) Dashboard

You can share (favorite) my customer dashboard with your teammates now, directly from SupportLogic. Sharing is supported via Email, Slack, and MS-teams, and the recipient gets a read-only page accessible to them immediately.

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